Sharecycle is a Library of Things. We all know what a library is, it’s a place to get books. But libraries don’t just need to stock books, libraries can be made of anything. Our library has things in it, things people need to use. 

Think of an item you’d like to use but you don’t want a buy. Maybe a pressure washer, or a chain saw, or a tent.  You can rent these from hire shops but this can be very expensive, especially if you need multiple items.

This is why we feel Sharecycle can make a real difference to our community. We provide a whole library of items to rent out at a minimal cost. We’re there for individuals or groups who need to have access to items but don’t necessarily want to buy them.  

We aim to support the people of Teesside in saving money and reducing clutter by providing easy access to high demand items. We’re also part of the growing movement to find sustainable greener ways of living.





Please see our FAQs listed below


How will it work?

First you become a member by paying a minimum of £5 for an annual membership. On your first visit bring proof of address so we can confirm your identity. After that you can rent Sharecycle items from our inventory. There is a small fee for each item loan.

Why do I have to pay?

Sharecycle is a non-profit enterprise, we are a community led library of things set up to support people in Teesside by providing easy access to items they need to use once in a while. Our items will need to be regularly maintained including PAT testing for electrical items. The money we collect from our membership is used to make sure we are keeping our inventory in top condition, and to replace items as they wear out. 

Do you need volunteers?

Yes we do. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer please send a message via the contact us page or email us at

Where do you get your items from?

Many of our items are donated by generous members of our community, some we have bought new as they are high demand items and we expect they’ll get a lot of use out of them.

Can I donate items?

Yes please! Please refer to our needed items list posted on the Sharecycle page. If you have an item not on the list send an email to to confirm if we can take it.