Hello traveller, how are you?
Would you like some Boro based ideas to help you stay active and healthy?
This is only the start. Keep checking back for updates and fresh content.

What is Out + About?

Out and About is a new activity resource, built by and for Teessiders. This page will grow over the coming months with family-friendly walking routes, tips for staying active during covid and ideas to connect you with the good all around us. Teesside’s urban areas are full of goodness!

How do I get involved?

You can download our free guide books or look through this page for ideas to build your own adventures. Maps can be printed for yourself or your friends and some physical copies have been given to local community groups.
Click above for download options.

Go and explore

Have fun out there and stay safe!
More maps and tips will be added here so keep checking back for fresh ideas to stay active.
Do you have your own ideas to add? What do you think will help others in Boro? We’re passionate about being a learning community. Join our community to get more involved.

As more maps, tips and ideas get added you’ll be able to craft your own trips.
They’ll be added to the sections below.

Find your way

Discover our town

Reflect, be mindful

What can you spot?

Coming soon: team bios

Curated by FreeStyle, Out and About was only possible because of the input and contributions of other grass-roots community work in Middlesbrough.
The pilot pack features work by Ste Corner and Sam Durant from Big Kids, mindfulness tips by Rebbeca Schubert, nature and foraging ideas from Lucy Cuzzocrea, digital elements by Daniel Howitt, nuggets of local history from Morbid and facilitation by Andy Falconer. The second map also includes contributions
from Athene Wherrett, Sam Fletcher and Emily Treadgold.
Several community groups will be giving away physical copies of the packs. Pop into The Exchange in Hill Street Centre if you’d like a resource pack. And as this collection of resources grows we’ll have more collaborators to tell you about.