It’s early in the year, but we’re already hot on the case for the summer. For the last few years the Nexus network has been working on collaborative projects to serve the communities of Middlesbrough. With the launch of Hope4Boro and the expansion of activist networks in town, Hope4Summer emerged out of discussions between a load of partners about what should happen next and became the banner for those summer plans. A good mix of organisations worked together and shared ideas to make a difference to provision in the town.

Middlesbrough has suffered a lot these last few years – the summer can sometimes seem like a bleak and expensive proposition. There’s a growing movement of us who want to create imaginative ways of confronting the issues our town faces. Enter 2015. After seeing ten small projects supported last year by Nexus and seven by Together Middlesbrough, Hope4Summer is a thriving idea and is attracting an ever expanding web of projects. This year we look set to network 40 groups running sessions right through the holidays. How cool is that?! 40 groups all over town ready to make a difference! Activities will be within walking distance of every family in town, so will a healthy free meal. Movements like this can seem flimsy. We want to avoid controlling philosophies and look to a grassroots surge of action which values all people. Hope4Boro exists to amplify good where it’s rooted. To connect the grassroots legends. To uncover the hidden gems. To resist the creep of empire and disconnection. We already have the capacity to transform the fortunes of Boro. Summer is a perfect platform to turn some great ideas into reality. Why not get involved?

Hope4Summer info sheet