There are many things I enjoy about being involved in Hope4Boro. One of the best bits has to be hearing the good news stories about our town.

Middlesbrough has loads of amazing people who see the issues we face and want to do something about it. Humanity, compassion, mutuality, solidarity – stuff that subverts the bad stories we hear on a daily basis. This isn’t pretending things are rosey, it’s a commitment to see pain and disconnection, and to strive for something better. Real and practical hope!

One group like this i really admire are the Teesside Socialist Clothing Bank. Each month they open up Newport Community Hub as a place for people who need clothes to come in and get what they need. The TSCB is a warm and welcoming place to walk into. A cuppa, space to chat or to be quiet, advice and guidance, even live entertainment.  Why not get along and support what they’re doing? If you know someone who is struggling to afford the basics, please pass on the info. This Saturday, 14th March, the Hub will be open from 1-3pm for anyone to pop in.

This is the sort of story we need more of in Boro. People like you and me working together to answer the symptoms and causes we see too often here.

Spread the word.
If you’d like an intro, why not get in touch with us and we’ll try and help

tscb march