Community Connectors is an attempt to cultivate links between a broad range of people making a difference in and around Middlesbrough.

It will include an online platform that helps Teessiders find groups, venues, events and information on building a better world.

Are you involved in activism, charity work, or grassroots causes in Teesside? If so, we’re hoping that this network could provide something useful for you and your project: a local hub for grass-roots community organisers.


We believe in our local area. We want to see it develop and know that radical change is possible. This is a network for anyone dreaming of a progressive future for Middlesbrough.


We’re hoping that the Community Connectors provides a space for local groups to support each other. This could involve sharing resources and knowledge, or just giving each other moral support as we work to make change in our local communities.


This network is designed to continuously be a work in progress, which is exciting! A new look online platform will appear here soon. Get your group signed-up so that visitors can find out about your work.

Click here to get signed-up and to stay in the loop!

Change is a natural part of community life, but it can take courage to let an organisation or network have evolutionary purpose rather than simply maintain what once worked. Community Connectors is the latest evolution to an adaptive network with a rich heritage: our roots. It exists to give voice to our collective potential and respond to the emerging: our routes.

We organise around the realisation that our activism and lives are demanding. Expectations are important. CC crafts space so we can each find our own level of involvement, without judgement. We all contribute where we’re able, influence the direction of shared activities or simply drop-in for the support we need. Those with the capacity to do more form a constantly flexing Collective.